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Jeff Baker, the founder and owner of Fir Sure Arbor Pro, grew up climbing trees in the woods of North Georgia. After finishing high school Jeff moved West to Durango, Colorado where he utilized the outdoors as his classroom while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Adventure Education at Fort Lewis College. During this time Jeff obtained the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the leadership and facilitation of group oriented outdoor activities and events, while also gaining the passion and the ability to teach and educate others. Immediately upon graduation, Jeff found himself utilizing this new expertise while being totally immersed in and around trees, in a very literal sense.

Jeff moved back to the Southeast, landing in Asheville, North Carolina he completed an internship as a tour guide leading clients high through the treetops of the zipline course at Navitat Canopy Adventures, an industry leader and premier provider of tree-based adventures. The internship became the starting point of the journey that would ultimately lead Jeff to where he is today. While at Navitat Jeff began to utilize all five senses to soak in and retain every fact and observation to gain information and understanding about his new surroundings, life within the trees. Climbing high in the canopy of trees soon became a passion as Jeff learned the complex techniques of rigging ropes and lines while working with Bonsai Design to install and construct zipline canopy tour courses at several locations across the country. For the next several years Jeff managed all onsite operations of a zipline canopy adventure course.  During his time constructing and managing tree-based adventure experiences, Jeff gained a vast knowledge and wisdom of rope safety, climbing techniques, rigging methods, biology, and most importantly noninvasive practices while working in trees. This still wasn't enough!

Jeff moved toPortland, Oregon where he decided to devote his time and energy to pursue a career in tending to trees and educating others about what these living organisms secretly share. The Pacific Northwest, “Mecca” of the arboriculture industry, is where Jeff learned additional skills and gained further experience to become an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist as well as receiving his ISA Tree Worker Specialist certification. Climbing trees became an everyday lifestyle for Jeff and there are many times he feels more comfortable 100' up in a tree than he does with two feet on the ground! After several years of being saturated by the rain for six months in each year it was time to come back to beautiful and sunny Colorado. In 2018, Jeff setup and opened the doors of Fir Sure Arbor Pro to provide the best arboriculture service Denver has to offer. Our approach to business is to treat each client and tree with the utmost respect and professionalism while setting the bar at the highest level for best practices, efficiency and safety within the industry.

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