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Defining Terms for Trimming & Pruning Services

  Thinning - Removal of live branches to provide light or air penetration through the tree
  Reduction - Decrease the height or spread on an entire tree or one section
  Clean - Remove one or more of the following non-beneficals parts: dead, diseased and/or broken
  Structural - Selective pruning to improve tree and branch architecture primarily on young-medium aged trees
  Restoration - Selective pruning to redevelop structure, form, and appearances of severely pruned, vandalized, or damaged trees

There is nothing like excellent trimming work to make an immediate visual impact – that’s why trimming is always a tree company’s signature service. At Fir Sure Arbor Pro we take pride in our tree trimming and pruning services and   you will notice the difference!


When you talk with our Arborists about trimming a tree, he or she will listen to your short-term goals, but will also talk confidently about the long-term expectations for a particular trimming choice. Being an Arborist means understanding the life-cycle of a tree, which can be longer than the life-cycle of the Arborist! So it is important for an Arborist to understand the way trees respond to pruning many years down the road.


Here at Fir Sure Arbor Pro, we use the term trimming to refer to the removal of branches or deadwood for the purpose of making the tree look more uniform or neat, or to keep the tree away from houses, power lines, etc. Though not necessarily detrimental to the tree, trimming often means that due to the demands of safety, construction, etc., large limbs or portions of the tree will be removed to accommodate a client’s needs.

In contrast, pruning is taken to mean work done in an effort to change the long-term growth trends of the tree. Once again, this often means making the tree better suited to individual's structures or habits, but it implies that the work takes into account how the tree will grow in the future. To prune effectively, one must understand how trees grow, how much can be safely removed and where, and what the desired form of the tree is. Pruning is most effective when a tree is younger and still has a large capacity for additional size. At such a point in the plant’s life, proper pruning can influence its behavior.

At Fir Sure Arbor Pro, we offer both trimming and pruning services, often mixed together in a job or even a single tree, depending on the needs of the client or the tree! We specialize in making trees safer and more beautiful, so you can enjoy mature trees at your home or business. Whether you want to remove limbs from over your roof or to allow more sunlight to reach your lawn, we can help you live easier with your trees. Allow us to trim and prune your trees today so that you can rest assured that they will not become hazardous tomorrow. Our Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience to give you expert advice in this area.