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Basic Steps for Proper Tree Planting

Locate all underground utilities prior to digging
 Identify the trunk flare
  Dig a shallow, broad planting hole
  Remove the containers or cut away the wire basket
 Place the tree at the proper height
Straighten the tree in the hole
Fill the hole gently, but firmly
Stake the tree, if necessary
Mulch the base of the tree
Provide follow-up care

We specialize in planting trees to meet the needs of your home. In an urban setting there is a need for trees to beautify the neighborhood and provide canopy coverage. Our Certified Arborists and crew and can assist you in proper planting techniques, preparing the rootball and planting at a proper depth. In addition, our arborists can help you to find the ideal species and plant it in a desirable and suitable location.


planting leaf trees in spring