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Key Benefits of Stump Grinding

 Tree Growth - Leaving the stump unattended will generate the growth of other smaller trees around it. These trees will then prove costly to eliminate if left for too long. Also, the trees strip other surrounding plants of their nutrients, causing the plants to wither or die.
 Safety - It is important to note that these stumps are hazardous and accidents can occur when children or others stumble over them. Stumps can also damage certain appliances, such as a lawn mower.
 Pests & Diseases - Insects like carpenter ants, beetles, and termites are attracted to decaying tree stumps, and these pests can pose an environmental concern for other trees and your home. In addition, the untreated stump may harbor diseases or fungi, and this puts other plants at risk.
 Aesthetics - While a tree is a perfect enhancement for your home, a stump creates the opposite effect. Tree stumps with weeds or molds growing on or near them can be an eyesore.

Fir Sure Arbor Pro takes pride in what we do and we work hard to constantly refine and hone our expertise, always striving for perfection. In order to reach perfection we focus primarily on tree work that is found above ground. Don't get us wrong, we love to get our hands dirty and play in the mud, we are just better at tasks that keep our hands above ground, usually high up within the tree’s canopy.

When needed, we work closely with, and will contract and schedule the appropriate services of a a top rated  local Denver company that has specific stump grinding expertise. Fir Sure Arbor Pro will always take full responsibility to handle all logistics necessary to ensure the job is completed timely and professionally. We are not ashamed to say that stump grinding is not our specialty, as we realize that it is a core competency within our industry that requires unique and specialized experience and skills to make sure the stump and roots are removed safely, efficiently, and entirely.

As Fir Sure Arbor Pro continues to grow and expand in size as well as in expertise, stump grinding is a core service we plan to offer directly to our clients at at some point in the future. Until then you can rest assured that we will contract our stump grinding work only to the best stump grinding service providers.