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Reasons For Tree Emergencies

 Storm - Even the toughest trees will bow and break in extreme storm conditions. The damage they sustain will depend on the type of storm. Wind from windstorms, water from excess downpours, snow and ice from freezing weather, and lightning from thunderstorms.
 Sick Tree - Sometimes a tree’s health problem comes from within. Fungi, viruses and pests can enter a tree’s wounds and slowly kill it from the inside. At a certain point, your tree will no longer be salvageable, making emergency removal the quickest and safest solution.
 Branch Failures - Most broken branches can be removed with strategic pruning cuts without harming the tree, but there are certain situations where missing branches can cause imminent tree death.
 Tree Leaning - A leaning tree may or may not be a cause for concern, depending on the tree’s history. If your tree is suddenly leaning, growing at a severe angle or showing other signs of damage likes cracks or uprooting, it could fall. However, it’s also possible for a tree to lean slowly over time to adjust itself away from your house or toward the sunlight.

Trees are living organisms, and like all living organisms health complications and problems could and usually do arise throughout their life cycle, with some being more serious than others.

The trees situated around your property are crucial for providing shade, aesthetic beauty, and general comfort. However, like anything, they require ongoing care to remain the beautiful and healthy addition you desire. Whether a storm has damaged or knocked down branches; or an old tree has simply become hazardous and a liability, there may come a time when you need emergency tree service.

We sincerely hope you never experience a dangerous tree situation, but if you do, Fir Sure Arbor Pro has the expertise, equipment and personnel to safely remove dangerous trees, limbs or tree storm debris. The best practice for avoiding these situations is prevention. Our Certified Arborist can evaluate and provide you with a prevention plan for your trees to mitigate the effects of disease, cracks or potential threats to your house, cars, other property, and most importantly, the health and safety of people and pets.

You can count on our team to provide you with fast and friendly tree service.